Common Questions

The website says the choir meet on Thursdays during term time, but no longer having children in education what dates are these?
All members are regularly updated on term times, but to view Norfolk County Councils School Term Times please open our "Regular Sessions" page

How long do sessions go on for?
2 hours from 7.30 pm - 9.30 pm - with a short break in the middle.

What costs are involved?
The first two sessions are free. After this we ask you to become a member of the choir (50p per term) and to pay the subscription fees for the remaining sessions of your first half-term (currently £5.00 per session and £3.00 for concessions). In the event of a session being cancelled, your subscription for the following half-term will be adjusted to account for this.

Are you a religious organisation / choir?
No, not at all, although as part of a broad repertoire we do sing sacred music from a wide range of faiths, as well as other kinds of music. We welcome members from all parts of the community.

Do you sing with any kind of accompaniment?
No, we sing unaccompanied. Most songs are sung in 3 or 4 harmony parts (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) or as a round, giving a really rich sound.

I live locally but I can't drive.
Where possible if we're performing in a concert we try to carpool, and for our regular Thursday evening meetings it may be possible that we can arrange for people with problems travelling to share a lift.

Do I have to attend all sessions to keep up to speed or will the odd missed meeting matter?
We do expect choir members to commit to turning up regularly - however we also understand life's pressures and most people find it fairly easy to catch up with songs they've missed. Some of our members have heavy commitments at certain times of th year, and choose to drop out for that time and rejoin the following half term, although others with similar commitments come when they can as they enjoy being part of the group, and try to catch up.

Is the purpose of these meetings to get ready to sing at a planned concert or event, or is it merely for fun?
Both, we do take part in events and concerts but our main reason for getting together is not focused on performance but a desire to sing. It's a great way to relax, meet people and have fun. For people new to the area it's a great way to find new friends.

What standard of singing and previous experience is required?
None, just a desire to sing as part of a group and enjoy singing. We have some members who joined having not sung since they were at school, right through to music teachers, trained musicians and people who sing regularly in other choirs.

Will I need to be able to sight read music?
No, all of the songs are taught by ear. Recordings of harmony parts and lyrics for many songs can be accessed via Dropbox to practise at home.

I'm a little nervous about coming on my own, do I have to do anything special to join Singers Inspired?
No - you don't even have to have an audition, just turn up, or email or ring for further details. Contact us here. You will be made very welcome.

Can you teach someone with the worst voice in the world to sing or can you coach / improve existing singing voices?
All we ask is that you want to sing. And so far everyone who has joined us had ended up being able to sing even if they arrived thinking they couldn’t! Part of it is about building up confidence – you won’t be singled out to perform and whichever part you choose to sing in each number you’ll find other members happy to help and support you.

Will I be expected to sing a solo ?
Not unless you volunteer! Very few of our songs or arrangements require solos or duets and if they did, volunteers would be sought.